The great Isithebe move

As part of our ongoing strategy for greater efficiency and better service, we’ve made some changes.

The most difficult decisions are the ones that negatively affect other people.

Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, we had to move the Isithebe production line to our Babelegi facility. This meant we had to retrench our employees at Isithebe, a decision not taken lightly.

We have now completed this transition. One of the reasons for this move was because Forgeweld owns the Babelegi building and the plant lends itself to expansion in the future.

We believe this is the right move as we will be able to offer a higher quality product more efficiently from this facility.

Change of contact details

With all the changes last year came some restructuring of employees’ responsibilities and positions.

These are the key employees responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Babelegi facility:

Danie Kroezen, Factory Manager

  • Tel: 012-719-9052
  • Cell: 083-454-0919.
  • Email:

Ruhan Kruger, Sales Manager

  • Tel: 012 719-9052
  • Cell: 073-630-4575
  • Email:

Reshma Surajbally, Financial Accountant

  • Tel: 012 719-9052.
  • Email:

These employees are there to provide you their best services.
Feel free to contact them should you need their assistance.