Forgeweld gives back

Every social economic development project at Forgeweld is a team effort and we are delighted to be helping make a difference.




Forgeweld is involved in a host of development projects to help various communities across the country. These include recycling projects and clothing projects in rural areas. Forgeweld’s Betsie Cronje says working in rural areas is both humbling and rewarding.




Forgeweld’s water project entails the donation and delivery of 3000L tanks to day care centres as part of our commitment to education. We also donate colouring books, crayons, clay, puzzles and other goods to the children.  Forgeweld hosted a successful social development meeting in May with 32 principals of day care centres to look at ways of supporting the children further.


Collage -Social-Dev-team


Our vegetable tunnel at Betsie’s farm in Bella Bella received a boost from Allied Steelrode which kindly donated steel material to build the vegetable tunnel used to feed crèches in the local community.