Sumps & spill containers

Reduce any spillages which might occur as a result of routine installation, maintenance or filling procedures by making use of the following effective Forgeweld products.

Forgeweld eco-safe containment sump


Contain underground spills such as leaks at the check valve exit or those that may occur when changing submersible underground storage tank manholes or fitting leak detector devices. Manufactured from LDPE (lower-density Polyethylene) 2mm thick, it is robust enough to handle the pressure of compacted soil in which it is buried. It is constructed from two halves for easy transportation, handling and installation.

Accessories include Forgeweld entry bolts and an extension piece for thanks that are buried deeper than 1.3 m.

Forgeweld dispenser sump


Contains spills underneath pumps/dispensers when changing equipment or fitting shear valves with our dispenser sump.

Manufactured from LDPE (lower-density Polyethylene) 2mm thick, designed to withstand side pressure.

Accessories include Forgeweld entry bolts and shear valves. All mounting brackets are galvanised to prevent corrosion.

Forgeweld spill container


Capture and contain minor spillages that might occur when connecting and disconnecting hoses.

Built to withstand high loading pressure. Fabricated from 34W mild steel with a solid cast iron top and polyethylene lid. Either a side or bottom inlet.

Accessories include a coupling for filling purposes.

All our products are top quality, and superior performers in their own right. Use them with confidence and peace of mind.

For further info download our Accessories and Equipment brochure (PDF) or to order kindly contact your nearest Forgeweld office.