Accessories & equipment

Tank accessories and fittings

Insist on genuine Forgeweld accessories and fittings to ensure optimum performance from Forgeweld tanks

We supply a range of accessories and ancillary equipment, most of which is manufactured under license from leading suppliers in the USA and Europe.


Forgeweld Storage Tank Ancillaries

Manhole and frame

This strong, university-tested design consists of a cast iron frame and a lid fabricated from diagonally woven fibreglass matting.

SAM1 piston pump

This compact, cost-effective hand pump constructed from lightweight aluminium includes a replaceable stainless steel liner to provide the piston with a corrosion-resistant surface.

The pump’s modern design offers the following features:
•  Teflon impregnated Kevlar packing
•  Nozzle boot and barrel bung directly into body
•  The body has a 1″ inlet and 3/4″ outlet
•  High vacuum ensures self-priming
•  High capacity: 76 litres (20 gallons) per 100 strokes
•  Flow can be reversed by removing the pin and rotating the piston through 180°
•  The pump can be disassembled easily to clean the strainer or to service
without disturbing piping
•  Can be provided with an accurate, cost-effective nutating disc flow meter
•  Compatible with a wide variety of liquids including gasoline, oils and solvents
•  Underwriters Laboratory listed models are available to meet OSHA requirements

K33 flowmeter

Designed to measure quantities of dispensed fuel or lubricant. This reliable, cost-effective nutating disc meter includes the following features:

•  Aluminium metering chamber and polybutylene nutating disc
•  Aligned 1″ G inlet and outlet
•  Mechanical readout device with rotating wheels
•  Easy to install and calibrate (subtotals can be reset)
•  Four different flow configurations.(litre and gallon units)
•  Available in litre and gallon units with 3-digit subtotals and 6-digit totals.

Flow rate: 20-120 litres/minute
Precision: +1% of flow range after calibration
Max. operating pressure: 10 bars (Bursting pressure: 30 bars)
Resolution: 0.1 litre

FXV leak detector

Built to provide superior performance. A variety of tests, including the fastest line test available for hourly monitoring without interruption of business. Simply snap the FX tester onto the FX2V with the convenient snap tap connectors.

FXV leak detectors are Underwriters Laboratory listed and third party certified to guarantee performance and durability. Two models: the FX1V and its successor the FX2V.

ancillary-2 ancillary-3

OCIO level monitoring system

Made by Piusi Fluid Handling Technology, Italy, this is an innovative system for monitoring fluid levels inside petrochemical storage tanks. OCIO does this by detecting the static pressure generated by the fluid level inside the tank by means of inserting a small pipe. The fluid level (volume) is then displayed on its monitor, enabling continuous monitoring of the storage tank for product leakage.

The OCIO level monitoring system is supplied with easy-to-use software which enables the operator to calibrate the instrument to:
•  set the display as fluid level (cm/inches), volume (litres/gallons) or percentage of total capacity
•  define the maximum and minimum level alarm and the level of indication and unit of measurement.

Quantum V2 fixed speed submersible turbine pump

Today’s fast-paced world means dispensing more fuel more quickly. The Quantum V2 is a two horsepower, fixed-speed submersible, packed with high-powered features, ensuring your forecourt keeps moving.

Its superior flow path means reduced flow restrictions, making it super-fast. In fact, it delivers the highest flow rate of any 4″ fixed speed submersible turbine pump on the market and is competitive with all variable speed options.
It offers the following performance and affordability:

•  Substantially lower installation costs
•  15% lower system costs
•  65% lower replacement controller costs
•  Competitive replacement pump/motor costs
•  Competitive power consumption at one fueling point but less power consumption at six fueling points



Reduce any spillages which might occur as a result of routine installation, maintenance or filling procedures by making use of the following effective Forgeweld products

Forgeweld Eco-Safe containment sump


Contains underground spills such as leaks at the check valve exit or those that may occur when changing submersible underground storage tank manholes or fitting leak detector devices.

Manufactured from LDPE (lower-density Polyethylene) 2mm thick, it is robust enough to handle the pressure of compacted soil in which it is buried. It is constructed from two halves for easy transportation, handling and installation.

Accessories include Forgeweld entry bolts and an extension piece for thanks that are buried deeper than 1.3 m.

Forgeweld dispenser sump


Contains spills underneath pumps/dispensers when changing equipment or fitting shear valves with our dispenser sump.

Manufactured from LDPE (lower-density Polyethylene) 2mm thick, designed to withstand side pressure.

Accessories include Forgeweld entry bolts and shear valves. All mounting brackets are galvanised to prevent corrosion.

Forgeweld spill container


Capture and contain minor spillages that might occur when connecting and disconnecting hoses.

Built to withstand high loading pressure. Fabricated from 34W mild steel with a solid cast iron top and polyethylene lid. Either a side or bottom inlet.

Accessories include a coupling for filling purposes.

All our products are top quality, and superior performers in their own right. Use them with confidence and peace of mind.

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