Forgeweld marketing update

Forgeweld received the Gallonage Award for producing Permatank/Jacketed tanks in excess of 200 000 gallons in 2015.

Marketing – by Ruhan Kruger & Jared Buys

Unfortunately, Forgeweld was unable to attend the Annual STI/ SPFA (Steel Tank Institute / Steel Plate Manufacturers Association) 2016 meeting to receive the Gallonage Award for producing Permatank/Jacketed tanks in excess of 200 000 gallons in 2015.


Permatank certificate

The history of Forgeweld and STI:
This revolutionary designed tank was developed by the Permatank ® Corporation in the USA in the 1980s. Forgeweld became an official member of the STI in early 1992 and has been manufacturing the Permatank ever since. Today we are one of the world’s major Permatank® producers and our market keeps growing.

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In our previous edition we mentioned increasing interest in double wall technology for environmental reasons.


Black LAG container

Forgeweld Engineering has since manufactured a double wall tank, installed at our Babelegi plant, for technical support and for understanding the function & operation of the wet leak detector system.

Basic fault finding, daily inspection and operational training can be provided using the wet leak detection unit.

The leak detector comprises a control unit, probe and container for leak detection (black LAG container).  The control unit and the probe are connected by means of a two-wire signal cable with a maximum length of 50m.

The probe is plugged into the top of the black LAG container. In the case of a leak in the interstitial space, the leak detection fluid level in the black LAG container falls. The probe’s electrode rods are no longer submerged in the leak detection fluid. The control unit detects the change in resistance and generates an alarm.

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