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To be a leader in fuel storage systems by providing environmentally friendly, innovative, cost-effective, internationally accredited products and services. We aim to ensure that all those involved in our ventures benefit from them.

Composite Tank

Structural Integrity and Corrosion Resistance in One

Forgeweld has been producing the remarkable Composite tank since 1991. Thousands of our Composite Tanks have been installed worldwide.

The success of the Composite Tank lies in the fact that it remains problem-free without external corrosion monitoring. This is because Composite Tank technology combines the structural integrity of steel with the corrosion resistance of a Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) coating.

No External Corrosion Monitoring Required

The Forgeweld Composite Tank is fabricated from high quality SABS Grade 300W (43A) steel plate with shell- and head-thickness in accordance with SANS 1535/UL 58 specifications. The exterior is abrasive blasted to 2.5 Swedish and clad with a 2.5mm fibreglass isopthalic resin and .02 flowcoat in accordance with ACT-100 specifications. The cladding materials have high impact properties and high tensile strength, permitting normal handling, transportation, rigging and installation. The finished cladding is quality checked by a 35 000 volt holiday test over 100% of the tank surface to ensure that there are no discontinuities in the coating of the tank's outer surface. Forgeweld Composite Tanks are fully insulated from the surrounding soil and are equipped with isolating bushes. Neither cathodic protection nor corrosion monitoring is required.

Complete Compatibility

The steel primary tank of the Forgeweld Composite Tank provides the broadest compatibility available, safely storing all blends of conventional and oxygenated fuels, including methanol. The steel tank blends super stamina with the necessary compatibility required to remain competitive in the constantly evolving fuel market.

Forgeweld Composite tanks are fitted with lifting lugs and flanged or dished ends, depending on particular customer requirements, and are equipped with top-fitted manholes incorporating filler, dip, breather and suction (pump) apertures. Drop pipes are fitted to customer order. Standard tank sizes range from 5m³ to 45m³ but larger units can be manufactured on request.

Quality and Safety

Our Forgeweld Composite Tanks are manufactured to the very highest standards, conforming to and even exceeding the requirements of the world's top standards authorities:

  • UL 58 - Standard for Steel Underground Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids: this United States standard covers the design and fabrication requirements of the structural steel tank.

  • UL 1746 Part II - Composite Tanks: This standard covers the material testing and application of the 2.5mm FRP coating applied to the external surface of every Forgeweld Composite Tank. In terms of this standard, the application of a 2.5mm FRP coating allows manufacturers to reduce shell tank thickness. We don't exercise this concession, thus ensuring that the structural strength and integrity of our Composite Tanks exceed that called for by this standard.

  • SANS 1535 - Glass Reinforced Polyester Coated Steel Tanks for the Underground Storage of Hydrocarbons and Oxygenated Solvents Intended for Burial Horizontally: Our Composite Tanks hold the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) certification mark as evidence that they are made in accordance with the relevant standard. Our compliance with it is ensured by tests and inspections regularly carried out by the SABS.

  • SABS 1431 Grade 300WA - the steel used in the manufacture of our Composite Tanks comforms to this South African Bureau of Standards specification (equivalent to Grade 43A of the applicable British Code).

We are so confident of our quality that we back every standard Composite Tank with a thirty-year warranty covering external corrosion and structural failure

Image right: Forgeweld Composite Tanks waiting to be despatched at our manufacturing plant in Isithebe, kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

We encourage all our customers to read the applicable codes - the protection of property, people and environment is everyone's responsibility. Copies are available from Standards South Africa or see